Our Story


I grew up on an old dirt road in a bucolic town in the heart of Worcester County. My street name was my mother’s family name. The street was filled with relatives. Our house was situated right on the water. Our family room in the back of the house was a wall of windows with a gorgeous view of the lake.

My fondest memories growing up always had sewing in them. While my mother was a skilled sewer, no one rivaled my Nana. She was a well-respected seamstress. Nana had all the patience in the world and sat me down at her machine carefully teaching me her passion step by step with no thought of time. She was a product of the Depression and she taught a love of home made things with a frugal spirit that carried the family through difficult economic times.

No one threw things away until the last breath of life was squeezed out of them. Socks were darned, dresses were made and window treatments were stitched from extra fabric in the house with an eye for beauty mixed with practical functionality.

I am Amy Holmes and I co-own Alterations by Amy. While I know that there are other alteration companies in the area, I want my shop to be a little different. I want my company to be a throw back to an earlier time. I want my shop to pay homage to my Nana.

While I love to bring life back to damaged garments or hem pants, fix buttons and fit dresses, I also want to be the artist who creates beauty from your imagination coupled with my ability and vision. As my client, bring me your idea and I can create a custom runner for your dining room table. Christmas can be more special because I can create one-of-a-kind ornaments from special stockings to seasonal mats for your table settings.

Nothing can replace homemade sentimental gifts. My favorite pastime is sewing a blanket for a new born baby or knitting a bonnet and sweater. Let my hands come from my heart to yours to share sentiments that you can pass on from one loved one to another that will last a lifetime.