Our store is a little different.

We tailor garments, alter beautiful gowns and we also sell home decor to create your vision stitch by stitch.

I am Amy Holmes and I co-own Alterations by Amy. While I know that there are other alteration companies in the area, I want my shop to be a little different. I want my company to be a throw back to an earlier time. I want my shop to pay homage to my Nana.

I want to be the artist who creates beauty from your imagination

While I love to bring life back to damaged garments or hem pants, fix buttons and fit dresses, I also want to be the artist who creates beauty from your imagination coupled with my ability and vision. As my client, bring me your idea and I can create a custom runner for your dining room table. Christmas can be more special because I can create one-of-a-kind ornaments from special stockings to seasonal mats for your table settings.

Nothing can replace homemade sentimental gifts. My favorite pastime is sewing a blanket for a new born baby or knitting a bonnet and sweater. Let my hands come from my heart to yours to share sentiments that you can pass on from one loved one to another that will last a lifetime.



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54 Main Street
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